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Who Do You Let Define Your Beauty?

Where does your definition of beauty come from? Whether you realize it or not, there are many influences on your personal definition of beauty. Your mother, sisters, friends, significant others, and, of course, society at large all play a role in manipulating or perspective of what it means to be beautiful. With so many influences pushing and pulling on our views, it’s normal for things to sometimes become skewed.

But now is the time to put things back into perspective. Who will you allow to continue defining your beauty for you? At Shine Cosmetics we live by a motto: Nobody can create or define your beauty but you.

Identifying Your “Beauty Influences”

If you’re like most women, you’re already bogged down by others’ definitions of beauty. Your own definition is simply a combination of different “beauty influences”—others who have pressed their definitions of beauty on you. So how do you separate those opinions to find what you truly believe to be beautiful?

First, write down what you think makes a woman beautiful. Is it being a size 2? Is it perfect lips and a flawless complexion? Glossy hair and a swan-like neck? Once you’ve written down everything that you think makes a person beautiful, try to define where each of those ideas comes from.

Was your mother always obsessing over her skin and applying endless creams and layers of foundation? Perhaps her perspective caused you to believe you needed perfect skin to be beautiful. Did your best friend fawn over long and luxurious eyelashes, and constantly experiment with mascaras and eyelash extensions to get those beautiful lashes just right? Maybe she influenced your definition of beauty as well.

Defining Your Own Beauty

Once you’ve identified as many beauty influences as you can, make a new list—this one of the things you see in yourself that make you beautiful. Maybe you love your eyes. Perhaps you adore your freckles or your full lips. Let these things become your new definition of beauty.

Because Shine is not about hiding your imperfections. It’s about showing each and every woman that your beauty is not defined by society or anyone around you. It’s about highlighting those things you love about yourself and becoming your own kind of beautiful. Always remember that beauty products don’t create beauty; they simply let your natural beauty shine through.

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