Get The Look: The Spring Edit

Shine Cosmetics Spring Makeup Looks

As the weather warms up and the sun starts to come out to play, it's time to freshen up our makeup looks! Celebrate spring with bright pops of pinks, purples, and pastel shades!

We'll help you achieve a simple daytime and nighttime look perfect for spring in this quick guide!

Daytime Look

Need something quick and easy to get you out the door in the morning? This simple look will let you play with color without taking too much time! This fresh look is perfect to wear to work or while running errands!


Accentuate your beautiful eyes with fun shades of pinks and purples!

Using Shine Cosmetic's Be True Eyeshadow Palette, apply a light wash of the light pink shade across the entire eyelid using a flat shader brush.

Using a fluffy blending brush, pick up the deep purple shadow and slowly work it back and forth in the crease for more definition!

Using a new clean brush, take a little bit of the matte black shade and apply it to the outer V of the eyes to create more intensity!

To brighten up the eyes and add a bright pop of color, apply our Passion Eyeliner pencil, a shimmery rose gold, to the inner corners of the eye!


Give your cheeks a soft, hydrated glow with our Blush Stick

Using the shade Delightful, a bright pink with gold flecks, apply a light amount of product onto the apples of your cheek. Using your fingers or our Flawless Finish Sponge, begin dabbing the product to blend it into your skin.


Accentuate and refine the outline of your lips with our Lip Liner in the shade Beloved! Use the natural lip line as a guide when applying the product for the most natural results, and using the tip of your finger, blend the shade inwards to the center of your lips. If you want a slightly fuller look, slightly overdraw the cupid's bow and corners of the lips for a fuller yet natural-looking lip!

Finish off with a pretty pop of color, and keep your lips hydrated with our Lip Gloss! Using the shade Bloom, a beautiful rose color, apply it to the center of your lips to finish off your look! 

Nighttime Look

Are you feeling bold? Well, we've got you covered. A deep purple smoky eye will make your eyes stand out!


Using Shine Cosmetic's Be True Eyeshadow Palette, dip a flat shader eyeshadow brush into the metallic plum eyeshadow. Apply this color to the center of the mobile lid. If you want this shade to be more intense, you can spray your brush with setting spray before applying it! 

Using a clean fluffy brush, dip into the matte black shadow, and begin to smoke out the edges of the first shade with small windshield wiper motions. Take your time! Go back and forth between the black and plum to gradually build up the intensity of the look.

Now that your eyes are beautiful and smoky, add some sparkle with a bright inner corner highlight! Using a clean brush, dip into the champagne shade in the palette, and apply to the inner corner of the eyes for a pop of sparkle! 

Finish off your look by applying Focus Eyeliner, our classic black shade, to the upper and lower waterline. 


Balance out your look with a blush in a more natural shade! Using a large fluffy blush brush, dip into our signature Blush Powder in the shade Enough. Lightly sweep it across the apples of the cheeks before softly blending it up towards the hairline.


Don't worry about your lipstick smudging or budging throughout the night! We've got you covered with our LipLast long-wear liquid lipstick. Using the shade Timeless, a rich brownish rose, apply it evenly across the lips and allow it to dry for a beautiful look that lasts all night long!

Go out and shine!

We hope you feel bold, empowered, and beautiful with these fun makeup looks for spring! Don't be afraid to play with color and express yourself!

Check out our most popular products here!

Darcey Wilde
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Back to School Beauty Tips

Back to School Beauty Tips

Shine Cosmetics Back to School Beauty Blog

Calling all moms! Summer days are flying by which means before we know it school will be back in  session, and we’ve got some fun ideas for back-to-school beauty. 

It used to be that the first forays into the world of makeup often saw 12 and 13 year-olds take a turn applying bright blue eyeshadow that was poorly blended, sweep on blush that was too bold and use their hands to rub in foundation that left a telltale line along the jaw, usually in a shade that was a little  too orange.

Nowadays teens have had a major glow-up, thanks in part to having no shortage of makeup  tutorials at their fingertips and much better-quality products. Electric blue lids and too rosy cheeks no  longer have to be a rite of passage into the teen years. We’ve got the perfect products to help your tween or teen accentuate their natural beauty and go back to school feeling confident while looking age  appropriate. Shine products are hypoallergenic, cruelty free and feature color and product line names that you won’t be horrified to hand to your daughter! When it comes to young faces we suggest just the basics so girls can dip their toes into playing with makeup but still maintain their innocent beauty and show off their youthful skin. 

Start them out with the right tools like our Flawless Finish Complexion Sponge and Eyeshadow Brushes. When it comes to makeup application, the right tools go a long way towards making sure everything’s blended for a more natural look. Bonus: Our complexion sponge is antibacterial, so it won’t hold onto  any nasty acne-causing germs. 

When it comes to the perfect foundation you can’t go wrong with our BB Cream. It’s light but buildable to even out any redness and won’t leave young faces with a heavy overly made-up appearance. Pair it with our Concealer for those annoying teenage breakouts. 

Next grab a Blush Stick for the apples of her cheeks. It only takes a couple of taps with this cream formula to add a sun-kissed glow. Bonus: Our Blush Sticks can also be used on eyes and lips!  

For the eyes, our Eyeshadow Palettes are a perfect fit. With four combos to choose from, there’s a  palette for every eye color. They’re highly pigmented, buildable and blendable, for a soft natural look. Top it off with a swipe of our Mascara to show off the lashes she naturally has, you know, the ones we all wish we appreciated more when we were that age! 

To finish the look, dab on a little Lip Gloss. Creamy and conditioning, it will keep her lips soft but not sticky while walking through the halls with her friends.  

Don’t forget to order some of our Makeup Remover Cloths! Just wet it with warm water and easily wipe away any product, sweat or grime before going to bed each night. Much better than harsh cleaners that can really dry out young skin.

When it comes to young makeup wearers, we hope that our products can be a fun and safe introduction  to the world of beauty that they’ll continue to love and use as they grow older. Shine believes that women of all ages are beautiful, with makeup and without it, but the most important back-to-school message of all is that real beauty isn’t found in makeup but in being kind and working hard to be the best you can every day.
Darcey Wilde
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How to Shine on your Wedding Day!

How to Shine on your Wedding Day!

It’s officially wedding season and Shine is here for it! After many months of not being able to celebrate together in traditional ways, this summer is finally jam-packed again with couples saying, “I do” and we’ve got some fun ideas on which Shine lip colors and formulas will be a beautiful addition to any wedding event. From the bridal shower to the big day we’ve got you covered!

Need some fun favors to give away for the bridal shower? Here’s some inspiration from our very own Product Developer, Averie Banks, who put together these gorgeous little favor bags for the friends and family who attended her own recent bridal shower. Easy but memorable, just slip in the bride’s favorite lip color into a bag and add a cute tag! Need more ideas?


We came prepared...

Lip color: The bride’s favorite!

Lip color: LipLast in Devoted

Lip color: Lip Gloss in Dedicated

Lip color: LipLast in Timeless

Ok, we’ve covered the bridal shower, now onto the big day! When it comes to colors that are flattering and fun for the bride as well as the bridal party, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Make sure you take into account the different skin tones that will be present, as well as personal preferences and overall look you’re going for when it comes to the “makeup theme” of your wedding. Whether glossy or matte is our jam, we’ve got plenty of beautiful colors and formulas for you to choose from.

<h4>Here are our picks for 2021 bridal lip colors...</h4>

For a nude makeup palette that’s anything but ordinary, we suggest our Lip Gloss in the shade “Grounded”, or for a matte look choose Lip Velvet in “Grace” paired with our “Valued” Lip Liner.

If soft pinks are calling your name, try our Lip Gloss in “Goals” or LipLast in “Dependable” layered with “Lovely” Lip Liner.

For more classical pinks, reach for LipLast matte in “Genuine” paired with “Best” Lip Liner, or go glossy with “Admired” Lip Gloss.

Does Bright and Bold describe your bridal look? Then we think you’ll love our Lip Gloss in “Lively” or for a matte finish try LipLast in “Devoted”, framed by our Lip Liner in “Fabulous”. 

Searching for the Perfect Plums? Look no further than “Miracle” in our matte Lip Velvet with “Intuitive” Lip Liner, or add a little shine with our Lip Gloss in “Blessed”.

We hope these ideas will inspire you and even help lessen the stress a little that planning a wedding can bring. No matter the colors and products you choose we have no doubt you and your wedding events will be beautiful and we are so honored to be a part of your special day!

Darcey Wilde
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Tara Thueson LipVelvet by Shine Cosmetics

Introducing...LipVelvet by Shine

Tara Thueson LipVelvet by Shine Cosmetics

Drumroll please....

Introducing LipVelvet by Shine Cosmetics, created in collaboration with Tara Thueson of (IG: @tarathueson). If you know Tara you know that she is THE QUEEN of product testing and reviews, so you know if she’s in on something it’s gonna be amazing!

Together, we set out to accomplish what seemed like the impossible: combining the beautiful matte finish of a lip stain with the ease-of-wear and flexibility of a lip gloss, and not to brag but...WE NAILED IT!

Tara Thueson LipVelvet by Shine Cosmetics

Now, we understand that you might be just a bit confused. How can the words “matte” and “gloss” be used to describe a single product? LipVelvet uniquely blends our favorite qualities of matte and glossy formulas for the perfect combo to finish off your makeup look for any summer event. It feels as velvety smooth as the name suggests and the five swoon-worthy shades, while not quite as long-lasting as a lip stain, wear beautifully for hours!

LipVelvet by Shine Serendipity

First up is Serendipity. She’s the bubbly one of the group. Cheerful and bright she’s not afraid to draw a little attention with her pop of fuschia pink!
Belle LipVelvet by Shine
Next we have Belle. She’s a little more soft-spoken with her sweet peachy tones. She’ll be the perfect complement to your sun-kissed skin this summer.
Grace LipVelvet by Shine
Up next is Grace. She’s the responsible friend who still knows how to have fun! If nude colors are your jam, Grace is your gal.
Miracle LipVelvet by Shine
We see you Miracle. If cooler hues are what you reach for, this pretty shade of pink is all for you. With just a hint of violet she’s soft and feminine, the girly-girl of the group.
Reverie LipVelvet by Shine
And last but not least is Reverie. Like a desert sunset, she’s warm and inviting. This shade is beautifully versatile, making her friends with everybody!

Now that you’ve been properly introduced, we can’t wait for you to try this revolutionary new product! It’s the perfect formula for summer to give your gorgeous lips some beautiful color without worries that sand or hair will stick on a breezy day. We’re certain it will be a new favorite in your makeup bag!
Darcey Wilde
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Shine Quotes to Make You Feel Good

Shine Quotes to Make You Feel Good

If it isn’t obvious, the word SHINE around here is pretty special to us. When we shine we bring light to darkness, and we help light others up so they shine, too. When we think of the word shine, it describes how we want you to feel when you wear our products. Shine represents the light we believe every woman has inside of her. So, in honor of our favorite word, we thought today we’d share some of our favorite quotes with the word Shine! 

"As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others."

-Marianne Williamson

“Being a star means that you just find your own special place, and that you shine where you are. To me, that’s what being a star means.” 

-Dolly Parton

“My broken brilliance will shine a light in the darkness.”

-Matt Hardy

“Never dull your shine for somebody else.”

-Tyra Banks

“Simply shine your light on the road ahead, and you are helping others see their way out of darkness.”

-Katrina Mayer

“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”

-Maya Angelou

“Let your light shine today, and let your personality blossom, too. You don’t have to be a people-please, just a people-lover.”

-Beth Moore

“It’s okay to be a glowstick--sometimes we need to break before we shine.”


“Let your light shine. Be a source of strength and courage. Share your wisdom. Radiate love.”

-Wilfred Peterson

“Stars can’t shine without darkness.”

D.H. Sidebottom

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How to Make Your Lip Color Last Longer

How to Make Your Lip Color Last Longer

Ah, a question asked by millions of women through decades (and even centuries!) of makeup history: how do I accentuate my lips and get the look to LAST? Even as far back as Cleopatra’s time, there is a rich history of women crushing various plants and elements to create pigment that could be applied to the lips, with the number one goal always remaining the same: find a beautiful product that’s long-lasting.Thank heavens our lip products have come a long way since then, right? Here’s a fun fact, the modern lipstick was invented in the 1880s in Paris (no surprises there!) Since then, hundreds of thousands of lip products, balms, and lipsticks have been invented. Amongst the overwhelm of lipstick advice and products though, are a few super easy, simple tips you can use to truly get the best, long-lasting lip! 

Keep your lips moisturized

Beauty starts at the base! Adding too many products to dry, cracked, peeling lips can actually make them feel worse, and your lip color won’t apply as smoothly. Regularly moisturize your lips to help them both feel and appear smooth and healthy. 

Start with clean lips, free of other products and chapsticks

Lip color lasts the longest when it’s applied directly to clean lips. Use an easy makeup remover towel or tissue to remove any excess product before applying your color. 

Exfoliate if needed to remove dead skin

Lips getting dry and peeling is one of the most common reasons that lip color doesn’t last. Before you apply your color, use an exfoliate or a little bit of sugar mixed with olive oil and rub it over your lips to help exfoliate the dry skin away and polish the look of your lips. This will help give you an even base to apply your lip color to. 

The right product matters

When it comes right down to it, the product you use matters more than anything! You want to make sure you have a product like our LipLast color, that is easy to apply, created to be long-lasting, won’t smudge around your face, and doesn’t dry out your lips or peel off! We went through a lot of testing and perfecting to create LipLast so that you can get perfect, beautiful results, every time. You can swipe it on with one glide in the morning, then get on with your busy day and your lipstick won’t budge, whether you’re running errands, eating meals, or kissing the baby. It’s your new best friend, we promise! 

Top it off to last!

With LipLast, you can just swipe it and go- only one step necessary! BUT if you want to have a little extra shine or mix things up, you can top your LipLast with a coat of your favorite Shine Lip Gloss

One of our personal favorite combinations is any LipLast product with a clear, shimmery lip gloss in the color Clarity. It’s the perfect amount of sparkle and shine to complete any look, and we all know that a little glitter makes everything better, right? 

If you haven’t tried Shine’s LipLast, you’re missing out on the best long-lasting lip color of your life! Choose your favorite shade (or 3!) and get that long-lasting lip color you need to get you through your busy days, because even on the craziest days you deserve to feel beautiful!

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How to Have Fun with Your Family When You’re Stuck Inside

How to Have Fun When You’re Stuck Inside

Whether it’s a rainy day, a global pandemic, or you just want to spend the day at home inside, there are plenty of fun activities you can use to keep your kids entertained. We know sometimes it can be overwhelming to come up with family activities, but trust don’t have to be Martha Stewart with intricate crafts and organized activities to create a fun, memorable day for your kids! You’re perfectly enough with everything you’ve already got on-hand. 

Here is a collection of some really fun ideas for activities you can do with your family! (Did we mention these will help you keep your sanity??)

Cardboard Box Crafts

Woohoo! All of those leftover boxes from your recent Amazon Prime shipment can be put to good use! Pull out the scissors, heavy tape, and markers and then let your kids get creative! Maybe they want to build a fort, make a robot costume, or a runway stage for their dolls. Let them go wild! 

They’ll be having so much fun, you might even be able to sneak a few minutes in for yourself while they’re busy (winning!) 

Build a fort and tell stories

Grab some blankets and pillows, and set up a fort like you used to as a kid! (Or if you’re really adventurous, pull out the camping tent!) Kids love when their normal environment becomes a little extra special, and they especially love when mom is playing there with them! 

Once you’ve got your fort, grab some snacks and sit together to tell stories. You can read some of your favorite books, take turns telling spooky tales, or even make a game where each person tells part of the story, then the next person continues the story, and so on. This is an especially good activity for slightly older kids to help their creative minds!

DIY Lip Scrubs

Trust us, your kids will LOVE this one (and your lips will too!) You can make an easy homemade lip scrub using equal parts sugar and olive oil (you can substitute the oil if you want with almost any other kind!) Have fun mixing up the ingredients, and experiment adding things like food coloring or essential oils to make your own, personal scrub! 

Just for mama tip: When you're done, swipe on your favorite lip gloss to seal in softness and tell yourself you look gorgeous. You do! 

Make homemade play dough

We love store bought play dough, but sometimes it is just fun to make your own! If you’ve got busy bodies that love to play with their hands, this activity is perfect for them and you can do it with the ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard! 

All you need is flour, salt, cream of tartar, water, and olive oil. (tip: food coloring will make it more fun!) You can find the full recipe here

Create a galaxy cake (or cupcakes!)

Is anything more fun than baking with mom when you’re a kid? Put a fun twist on a simple cake that’ll make your kids think you’re out of this world! (see what we did there?) 

To make a galaxy cake, just grab a light-colored cake mix (like yellow or white cake), or whip up your own if you want, then split your batter into several bowls. In each bowl, add a few drops of food coloring to create different colors of batter in shades of blue, dark blue, purple, black, or green. You can get creative with your colors! 

Take turns scooping batter from each of the different colors and placing it into a greased pan, and it’s important that you do not mix the colors with each other! Just spoon them in and let them be! Then bake as instructed. Voila! Galaxy cake!

Pro tip: Wear Liplast when eating cake, and no one will have any idea how many slices you’ve had because your lip color will. not. budge. (You’re welcome!)

Break Out The Card Games

Card games are a classic fun activity to break out when you’ve got some time at home! They’re mentally stimulating for little minds and there are so many different games, you can find something suited for all levels. 

Learn About Animals

There are tons of resources to help your kids learn about animals out there, but here are some of our favorite activities to keep your kids entertained!

  • Check out the Livecam footage of animals at the San Diego Zoo on their site (many other zoos have this as well!) 
  • Google a favorite popular animal, and if it has the option, click “view in 3d” and a 3d model of the animal will appear right in your home on your phone screen for your kids to check out.
  • Turn on an animal documentary and ask your kids to give a report about their favorite animal from the show. We recommend Born in China, Great Migrations, and Wild Yellowstone if you’re looking for a program to start!

Create a Scavenger Hunt

This activity is perfect for when you want to help them bust out some energy while keeping them busy so you can take a breather for yourself! Write a list of random items for them to find around the house or the yard, and send them on their way. This is even a great activity for toddlers that can’t read yet, just draw out pictures or have older siblings help them. 

Remember, YOU ARE A COOL, FUN MOM. No matter what your day looks like, you are the best mom for your kids, and they love you. You don’t have to be perfect to be perfect for them. Now go have some fun!

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Everything You Need To Know About BB Cream and How To Choose The Best One For You

Everything You Need To Know About BB Cream

With so many different options for foundation, pressed powder, BB Cream, or even CC and DD Creams, it can leave your head spinning trying to find the right option for you! They all have different strengths, but we’re just going to cut to the chase really quick and tell you that BB cream is the GOLD MEDAL WINNER. Hear us out!

What exactly is a BB Cream? 

The BB in BB cream stands for beauty balm (although you can find other variations around the internet!) and it is intended to elevate the look of your natural skin. BB creams are lighter than traditional foundation, but still provide coverage that helps even out the appearance of your skin and gives you a natural glow.

What makes a good BB Cream?

BB cream should be light and easy to apply! It shouldn’t feel thick or gunky on your face. You want it to melt right in so it feels like you’re wearing nothing, while still giving you light coverage and evening out your skin. You shouldn’t need a million different steps with primer and foundation and setting sprays to achieve this look, all you need is the perfect BB cream!

Of course, what good is having BB cream on your face if it isn’t meant to last for a while? A great BB cream will give you long-lasting coverage that doesn’t wipe off on your phone when you call your mom.

How to Shop for BB Cream 

BB cream is truly the magic sauce when it comes to makeup, but with so many options out there you need to know how to find the right one! Choose a BB cream that is not only easy to apply in one step and long-lasting, but provides protection for your skin without drying it out. Shine Cosmetics BB Cream provides SPF 15 coverage and is ultra-lightweight so your skin can breathe. It is easy to apply using your fingertips, or you can use a brush or blender. (And did we mention it’s also hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and cruelty free?)

With Shine BB Cream, it’s also buildable! So on the days your skin needs a little extra coverage, you can build it up a little to get the perfect look to make your skin SHINE. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some Shine Cosmetics BB Cream wearers are saying:

“Ok, this stuff is pure magic! I cannot say enough good things about Shine Cosmetics and their BB Cream! I love how it doesn’t transfer onto my clothes and the shades are so good! You gotta try it! If you’re unsure about your shade, get a trial pack of the shades or if you’re local, go to the store and they will help you!”


“Seriously the best!! I live in hot humid Texas and this stuff lasts the day. Makes my skin look perfect without being too heavy or cakey. Evens my skintone and with a pretty glow but you can still see my freckles. And I never break out when wearing this. Did I mention it lasts ALL day?!”


“So I have tried a lot of foundations and couldn’t find any that I liked, they all made me look like I was wearing too much makeup. I was hesitant to try Shine’s BB Cream  because I didn’t know what color to get. But I sent them a picture of my face with no makeup and they recommended a color and I got it and it was dead on! Best foundation I have found! It gives me even coverage without looking like I have  a bunch of makeup on, I love it!”


Still not convinced? Read more reviews from hundreds of customers in love!

If you haven’t tried a BB cream, we promise the Shine Cosmetics BB Cream is about to be your new makeup BFF! Find your color now!

Darcey Wilde
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How to Get Skin that Glows with 5 Easy Tips

How to Get Skin that Glows with 5 Easy Tips

In a perfect world, we’d all have glowing goddess skin all the time! Instead, you’ve got work to balance, schedules for three kids to manage, and a never-ending pile of laundry that needs to be done (don’t forget to go put that last load in the dryer)! 

Who has time to think about glowing skin when you’re rocking a full time schedule as a queen?

Luckily, we’ve rounded up some super easy  tips for you that will slide right into your routine effortlessly- so your skin will be glowing no matter what task you’re conquering next! Trust us, your skin will thank you. 

1) Drink more water! 

We know it’s kind of an obvious one, but when was the last time you actually had the time to drink your full recommendation of water in a day? Hydrated skin is happy skin, and it starts on the inside! Fill up a bottle of water so you can drink up on the go. 

Pro tip: If you need extra hydrating power, fruits and veggies like watermelon, cucumber, and celery are all great ways to soak in some extra fluids! For those days when you just can’t drink one more glass, grab an apple and stay hydrated. 

2) Protect your skin from sun damage

Who has time for a sunburn? Not you! Even small amounts of exposure to the sun can not only dry your skin out, but can cause long term damage. 

Use foundation with SPF in it and avoid having to put on sunscreen AND makeup, because you do it all in one go! Our BB Cream will help your skin look flawless and protect it from the sun, all at once, so you can feel confident and glow at the same time!

3) Get in more vitamin C.

Vitamin C has a ton of health benefits, but one that shines extra bright in our books is that it results in healthier skin! You can take a daily vitamin, use a serum or cream with vitamin C, or our personal favorite, drink a tall glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. Adding vitamin C to your routine will help your skin glow from the inside out!

4) Wash your face!

But not with a bunch of different steps and products that could actually be drying your skin out more (aka removing the glow!) Instead, check out these ONE STEP (yep, just one step!) makeup removing cloths! Wipe off all of the extra makeup and grease from your skin with just the cloth and water to get clean skin that glows, without the use of a bunch of products to dry it out. 

We know, a one-step makeup remover sounds a little too good to be true but we promise, it is! And it’s going to rock your world! Find out how it works in this post here.

5) Fake it til you make it!

Just like the weather outside, our skin goes through seasons. For those days when it’s feeling a little dull or dry, we’ve got a secret weapon for you: BRONZER. 

With just a couple of swipes of your favorite bronzer you can give yourself a natural-looking, beautiful glow! It’s your secret weapon for those skin days that need a little glow-up. 

You GLOW girl, right to your soul! You deserve skin that radiates! We hope these tips help you find your shine! If you found them helpful, be sure to share them with your favorite women so they can start glowing, too! 

Darcey Wilde
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What’s the Magic Behind Our Makeup Remover Cloths?

What’s the Magic Behind Our Makeup Remover Cloths?

Not too long ago, we introduced a new product to our online catalog—makeup remover cloths. These reusable cloths are designed to wipe the makeup right off your face without using any soaps, scrubs, astringents, or other chemical-laden cleaners. And, if you’ve had the chance to use them already, you know that they really work.

But exactly how do they work? How does a wet cloth, with no soaps or cleaners, wipe the makeup from your face as easily as the sleeve of Mulan’s dress when she’s singing “Reflection”? Despite what it might seem, it’s not exactly witchcraft. In fact, it’s a pretty simple secret, and we’re going to tell it to you.

It’s All in the Fibers

The thing that makes these cloths different from a standard washcloth is the density of the fabric’s pile. The fleece-like fabric used to make our makeup remover cloths has an incredibly high fiber density. That doesn’t just make it feel luxuriously soft—though that is definitely a perk. This high density of fibers gives the cloth more surface area to clean your skin. So, instead of just having 5 larger fibers going over an area of your skin, you have 50, which gives the cloth a lot more scrubbing power, removing more makeup with less irritation.

Those smaller fibers can also get into the fine lines and creases in your skin, as well as picking up finer particles of makeup. And, because there are so many fibers in these cloths, they are much more effective at binding the dirt and makeup that they lift off your skin, so you’re not just smearing it back on as you rub.

How Effective Are They Really?

If you haven’t tried these cloths yet, you’re probably a bit skeptical. It’s okay, we understand. But, despite how incredible it might sound, our makeup remover cloths can actually be more effective at removing your makeup than washing your face with water and a standard facial scrub.

In fact, we had someone who had never tried this kind of product before test ours out. Her usual end-of-day facial routine included washing her face twice with a face wash, then using eye makeup remover and an astringent to get all of the makeup off. With the makeup removing cloths, she used only the cloth and it completely removed her makeup! She even used a cotton ball with astringent to see what was left, and there was barely a trace of foundation color on the cotton. Now that’s a pretty impressive result, if we say so ourselves.

In Case You’re Not Convinced…

Still not convinced to try these makeup remover cloths yourself? Consider these advantages:

  1. Less waste. No more tossing out several cotton balls or pads every day. No more lineup of several products that you have to replace every few months. Just these three little cloths that you can use again and again.
  2. Gentler on your skin. No harsh chemicals that dry out and irritate your skin. Just a gentle, luxurious cloth to softly cleanse your face.
  3. Save time. Say goodbye to that six-step facial cleansing routine. While you might still want to use your lotions and toners, these facial cloths will still cut your nighttime routine down significantly.
  4. Healthy, glowing skin. Even on your laziest days, you can remove your makeup before falling into bed. That means no more sleeping in your makeup, just because you’re too tired to run the gambit of washing it off. And that means your skin will be healthier every day. Plus, those microfibers gently exfoliate to give your skin a natural, beautiful glow.

While it may be science that makes our makeup remover cloths so effective, we still think they’re pretty magical. So what are you waiting for? Hop over to our store and try some for yourself today! We’re confident that you’ll love them as much as we do.

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The Ultimate Gift Finder Quiz for Every Woman on Your List

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3 Products to Have at Work for Midday Touchups

3 Products to Have at Work for Midday Touchups

You put so much effort into perfecting your makeup every morning, and when you leave the house, you look your very best. But by midday, you might not feel as fresh-faced as you did when you first walked into the office. The products we carry at Shine are designed for all-day wear, so you can look your best from sunup to sundown. But even the best of products can benefit from a midday touchup. Here are 3 products we recommend having at work (either in your desk or in your purse) for just such an occasion.

Pressed Powder

For most women, midday shine (not the good kind, of course) is the bane of your makeup. The oils in your face slowly make their way to the surface, and you’re left with an unflattering sheen on your face that really seems to pop under the fluorescent office lights. Keeping your pressed powder on hand allows for fast and easy touchups to your makeup to fight that shine.

Obviously, you don’t want to wash your face and reapply midday, but you do need to do something with that oil buildup. We recommend finding a brand of oil-removing sheets that you like, but if you don’t have those on hand, even a tissue will help. Just blot the oiliest parts of your face, then apply the pressed powder, focusing on your T-zone. Our pressed powder comes in a convenient compact with an application pad and a mirror, so you can touch up your makeup wherever you are.

Lipstick or LipLast

The colors of our lipstick and LipLast products are designed for all-day wear. But if you’re wearing an especially bright and bold color, it’s natural to still see a little bit of fading. Most days, the color will still be vibrant enough that you can walk out of the office with confidence. But if you have a big presentation, or you’re going out for drinks after work, it’s a good idea to touch up your lip color a little.

Bring along whatever shade of lip color you’re currently wearing, or keep a favorite in your desk at work. When you’re ready to touch up your color, start by gently wiping your lips with a damp paper towel to even out the remaining color. Then just swipe on a new layer for a fresh, kissable look.

Makeup Remover

You’re probably thinking, “Wait a second. I thought this was about touching up my makeup, not taking it off!” And you’re right. But how many times have you accidentally smudged your eyeliner or mascara while at work? How often have you gone into the restroom around 3:00 in the afternoon, only to realize that your eyeshadow has begun to smear due to facial oils?

Sometimes, the best way to touch up your makeup is to just clean it up a little bit. So get an empty travel bottle from the store, and fill it with Shine’s makeup remover, and keep it in your desk with some cotton balls and swabs. Whenever you need it, just use a small amount of the makeup remover to clean up the edges of your makeup and keep things looking as sleek and fresh as possible until the very end of your workday.

With Shine’s products, a midday touchup is more of a bonus than a necessity. So, if you’re pressed on a deadline and don’t have time to touch up your makeup, don’t sweat it; our long-lasting products have your back. But when you have the time, these 3 products will help you weather those afternoon meetings and the post-lunch slump looking as fresh-faced as you did when you first clocked in.

Darcey Wilde
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