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Product Tips & Advice: Lip Liner

If you’re a bit of a makeup novice, you might think that lip liner has only one purpose—outlining your lips. And while this is definitely its primary use, there are many different ways that you can use lip liner to define, plump, and color your lips. Ready to learn all of the ways you’ve been under-utilizing your lip liner? Keep reading to learn more about Shine’s silky smooth liner, and how you can better apply your lip liner every day.

Features and Benefits

If you’ve ever scraped your lips with the jagged edges of your lip liner, you know just how irritating that can be. But Shine’s lip liner uses a creamy, soft formula that goes on smoothly and gently, and the easy-to-sharpen tip guarantees a perfect point for precise lining. Here are a few other features of our lip liner:

  • Highly pigmented color
  • Long-lasting for all-day wear
  • Sharpens for precise application
  • 5 beautiful colors
  • Creamy, soft formula

With Shine’s lip liner, you get a precise, smooth line with every application, and all-day color that is sure to impress. Plus, as with all our products, our lip liner is hypoallergenic, paraben free, gluten free, and Leaping Bunny approved.

Tips for Use

Now for the fun part. Here’s a quick look at all the ways that you can use our luscious lip liners to amp up your makeup routine:

  • Always exfoliate first. You can’t get a smooth, clean line if your lips are chapped or cracked, so gently exfoliate your lips using a soft-bristled toothbrush or damp washcloth. You may also want to apply a moisturizing lip balm before you use your lip liner.
  • Sharpen your liner before every application. Then will ensure you get a cleaner, more precise line.
  • Even the creamiest of lip liners can get a little tough in cold weather. If the tip of your lip liner is a bit too hard, warm it up by rolling it between your thumb and index finger, or by briefly drawing on the back of your hand with it. (Pro tip: If your lip liner tugs on your lips at all when you’re applying it, then it needs to be softened a little.)
  • When applying lip liner, part your lips slightly to ensure your lips are maintaining their natural shape. This will make your line more precise.
  • Start by lining your cupid’s bow, then the corners and bottom of your mouth, before outlining the rest of your lips. This helps achieve a more even shape.
  • Use light, short strokes, rather than trying to trace in one smooth movement.
  • Want to emphasize your lips a little, but keep a natural look? Use a nude liner that’s close to your natural lip color, then blend it into your lips, and you’re ready for your day!
  • Try filling in your lips with lip liner, then top it with a gloss or tinted lip balm in a similar color. It’s a great substitute for lipstick!
  • You can also fill in your lips with liner to provide an even base for your lipstick. This prevents any subtle changes in lip color, where the lipstick might bleed over the lip liner.
  • Wearing a dramatic color? After you’ve applied your liner and lipstick, use a small brush to apply some concealer around your mouth, and ensure a strong, clean line all around.
  • Want to make your lips look a little larger? Apply a concealer over your lips to blur your natural lip line. Then, apply your lip liner just outside your natural lip line to make them look slightly fuller. Be sure to come back to your natural lip shape at the corners of your mouth, so you don’t give yourself clown lips! Fill in the outline you’ve made with a complementary color. Use a thick application so you can blend the color into your lip line. Use your finger to smooth it all out, and you have plump, luscious lips!

Bet you never thought lip liner could do so much for your lips! So break out that liner, and try out some of the tips mentioned above. You can turn that one-trick pony into a total showstopper in no time at all!


You have to buy shine sharpener to advance the color?

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