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Product Tips & Advice: Lip Gloss

Ah, lip gloss. For most of us, lip gloss has been a part of our look since middle school, if not sooner. It’s the quintessential “Jack of All Trades” in your makeup bag—great on its own for a laid-back, easygoing look, or over a base coat of lipstick to add some shine to a more dramatic look. But there’s one thing you wouldn’t think lip gloss could ever be, and that’s complicated. You’d likely never dream that you could be applying lip gloss in the wrong way. But you just might be. Or, at the very least, there might be a slightly better way than what you’ve been doing since middle school.

Keep reading to learn more about Shine’s fantastic line of lip glosses, and get a few tips on picking the right shade, getting more from this product, as well as how to improve your lip gloss application.

Features and Benefits

With most glosses, you have to choose between a color-rich lip gloss that is thick and sticky, or a smooth, silky lip gloss that is a little lackluster. Not so with Shine’s lip gloss. Our gloss glides on extra smooth, with a non-tacky formula that is rich with long-lasting color. This gloss will even condition your lips as you wear it, to make them extra kissable.

Our current lineup includes eight different colors, from traditional blush and rose tones, to shades of gold and plum.

Tips for Use

Lip gloss is hard to apply incorrectly. Just use the application want to apply an even coat over your lips. But if you want to improve the look of your lip gloss, instead of just having a passable pout, try these tips the next time you use one of our glosses:

  • Try pairing your favorite gloss with one of our lipliners. Using a lipliner helps to frame out your lips, and gives the gloss greater staying power.
  • Want more color? Just apply the gloss over your favorite lipstick. This doesn’t have to be a dramatic look. A nice gloss over a neutral lipstick color can provide a beautiful finish without being over the top.
  • Here’s a secret from makeup artists: If you want your gloss to pop more, lighten your lips with a dab of concealer, then apply the lip gloss over the top.
  • For the smoothest application, make sure your lips are properly prepped. Exfoliate them with your favorite lip scrub, or just rub them with a damp washcloth.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too old for lip gloss! Gloss can actually be a fabulous makeup tool for women over 50, and can create the illusion of fullness as your lips lose their youthful plumpness.

Choosing the right shade of lip gloss is also important, so here are a few tips:

  • Fair-skinned women usually look best in lighter colors, like soft rose tones, blush, or beige. Dedicated and Spirited are two of our best glosses for you fair-skinned beauties.
  • If you have a medium skin tone, you’ll likely want to look for glosses with more of a brown base. Deeper shades of rose, mauve, and berry tones work well for you. Our Admired lip gloss is just one example of a shade that might suit your complexion.
  • For those with darker skin, plum, chocolate, and red lip glosses will really help to make your lips pop. Bold and Royal would both be a good fit for your beautiful skin tone.

Above all, just find a shade that you absolutely love. Finding your own look and defining your own beauty is the number-one rule here at Shine! But if you need a little help finding your perfect look, try out the tips above, or consider reaching out to one of our Beauty Ambassadors.

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