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What’s the Magic Behind Our Makeup Remover Cloths?

Not too long ago, we introduced a new product to our online catalog—makeup remover cloths. These reusable cloths are designed to wipe the makeup right off your face without using any soaps, scrubs, astringents, or other chemical-laden cleaners. And, if you’ve had the chance to use them already, you know that they really work.

But exactly how do they work? How does a wet cloth, with no soaps or cleaners, wipe the makeup from your face as easily as the sleeve of Mulan’s dress when she’s singing “Reflection”? Despite what it might seem, it’s not exactly witchcraft. In fact, it’s a pretty simple secret, and we’re going to tell it to you.

It’s All in the Fibers

The thing that makes these cloths different from a standard washcloth is the density of the fabric’s pile. The fleece-like fabric used to make our makeup remover cloths has an incredibly high fiber density. That doesn’t just make it feel luxuriously soft—though that is definitely a perk. This high density of fibers gives the cloth more surface area to clean your skin. So, instead of just having 5 larger fibers going over an area of your skin, you have 50, which gives the cloth a lot more scrubbing power, removing more makeup with less irritation.

Those smaller fibers can also get into the fine lines and creases in your skin, as well as picking up finer particles of makeup. And, because there are so many fibers in these cloths, they are much more effective at binding the dirt and makeup that they lift off your skin, so you’re not just smearing it back on as you rub.

How Effective Are They Really?

If you haven’t tried these cloths yet, you’re probably a bit skeptical. It’s okay, we understand. But, despite how incredible it might sound, our makeup remover cloths can actually be more effective at removing your makeup than washing your face with water and a standard facial scrub.

In fact, we had someone who had never tried this kind of product before test ours out. Her usual end-of-day facial routine included washing her face twice with a face wash, then using eye makeup remover and an astringent to get all of the makeup off. With the makeup removing cloths, she used only the cloth and it completely removed her makeup! She even used a cotton ball with astringent to see what was left, and there was barely a trace of foundation color on the cotton. Now that’s a pretty impressive result, if we say so ourselves.

In Case You’re Not Convinced…

Still not convinced to try these makeup remover cloths yourself? Consider these advantages:

  1. Less waste. No more tossing out several cotton balls or pads every day. No more lineup of several products that you have to replace every few months. Just these three little cloths that you can use again and again.
  2. Gentler on your skin. No harsh chemicals that dry out and irritate your skin. Just a gentle, luxurious cloth to softly cleanse your face.
  3. Save time. Say goodbye to that six-step facial cleansing routine. While you might still want to use your lotions and toners, these facial cloths will still cut your nighttime routine down significantly.
  4. Healthy, glowing skin. Even on your laziest days, you can remove your makeup before falling into bed. That means no more sleeping in your makeup, just because you’re too tired to run the gambit of washing it off. And that means your skin will be healthier every day. Plus, those microfibers gently exfoliate to give your skin a natural, beautiful glow.

While it may be science that makes our makeup remover cloths so effective, we still think they’re pretty magical. So what are you waiting for? Hop over to our store and try some for yourself today! We’re confident that you’ll love them as much as we do.

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