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Introducing...LipVelvet by Shine

Tara Thueson LipVelvet by Shine Cosmetics

Drumroll please....

Introducing LipVelvet by Shine Cosmetics, created in collaboration with Tara Thueson of TaraThueson.com (IG: @tarathueson). If you know Tara you know that she is THE QUEEN of product testing and reviews, so you know if she’s in on something it’s gonna be amazing!

Together, we set out to accomplish what seemed like the impossible: combining the beautiful matte finish of a lip stain with the ease-of-wear and flexibility of a lip gloss, and not to brag but...WE NAILED IT!

Tara Thueson LipVelvet by Shine Cosmetics

Now, we understand that you might be just a bit confused. How can the words “matte” and “gloss” be used to describe a single product? LipVelvet uniquely blends our favorite qualities of matte and glossy formulas for the perfect combo to finish off your makeup look for any summer event. It feels as velvety smooth as the name suggests and the five swoon-worthy shades, while not quite as long-lasting as a lip stain, wear beautifully for hours!

LipVelvet by Shine Serendipity

First up is Serendipity. She’s the bubbly one of the group. Cheerful and bright she’s not afraid to draw a little attention with her pop of fuschia pink!
Belle LipVelvet by Shine
Next we have Belle. She’s a little more soft-spoken with her sweet peachy tones. She’ll be the perfect complement to your sun-kissed skin this summer.
Grace LipVelvet by Shine
Up next is Grace. She’s the responsible friend who still knows how to have fun! If nude colors are your jam, Grace is your gal.
Miracle LipVelvet by Shine
We see you Miracle. If cooler hues are what you reach for, this pretty shade of pink is all for you. With just a hint of violet she’s soft and feminine, the girly-girl of the group.
Reverie LipVelvet by Shine
And last but not least is Reverie. Like a desert sunset, she’s warm and inviting. This shade is beautifully versatile, making her friends with everybody!

Now that you’ve been properly introduced, we can’t wait for you to try this revolutionary new product! It’s the perfect formula for summer to give your gorgeous lips some beautiful color without worries that sand or hair will stick on a breezy day. We’re certain it will be a new favorite in your makeup bag!

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