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How to Make Your Lip Color Last Longer

Ah, a question asked by millions of women through decades (and even centuries!) of makeup history: how do I accentuate my lips and get the look to LAST? Even as far back as Cleopatra’s time, there is a rich history of women crushing various plants and elements to create pigment that could be applied to the lips, with the number one goal always remaining the same: find a beautiful product that’s long-lasting.Thank heavens our lip products have come a long way since then, right? Here’s a fun fact, the modern lipstick was invented in the 1880s in Paris (no surprises there!) Since then, hundreds of thousands of lip products, balms, and lipsticks have been invented. Amongst the overwhelm of lipstick advice and products though, are a few super easy, simple tips you can use to truly get the best, long-lasting lip! 

Keep your lips moisturized

Beauty starts at the base! Adding too many products to dry, cracked, peeling lips can actually make them feel worse, and your lip color won’t apply as smoothly. Regularly moisturize your lips to help them both feel and appear smooth and healthy. 

Start with clean lips, free of other products and chapsticks

Lip color lasts the longest when it’s applied directly to clean lips. Use an easy makeup remover towel or tissue to remove any excess product before applying your color. 

Exfoliate if needed to remove dead skin

Lips getting dry and peeling is one of the most common reasons that lip color doesn’t last. Before you apply your color, use an exfoliate or a little bit of sugar mixed with olive oil and rub it over your lips to help exfoliate the dry skin away and polish the look of your lips. This will help give you an even base to apply your lip color to. 

The right product matters

When it comes right down to it, the product you use matters more than anything! You want to make sure you have a product like our LipLast color, that is easy to apply, created to be long-lasting, won’t smudge around your face, and doesn’t dry out your lips or peel off! We went through a lot of testing and perfecting to create LipLast so that you can get perfect, beautiful results, every time. You can swipe it on with one glide in the morning, then get on with your busy day and your lipstick won’t budge, whether you’re running errands, eating meals, or kissing the baby. It’s your new best friend, we promise! 

Top it off to last!

With LipLast, you can just swipe it and go- only one step necessary! BUT if you want to have a little extra shine or mix things up, you can top your LipLast with a coat of your favorite Shine Lip Gloss

One of our personal favorite combinations is any LipLast product with a clear, shimmery lip gloss in the color Clarity. It’s the perfect amount of sparkle and shine to complete any look, and we all know that a little glitter makes everything better, right? 

If you haven’t tried Shine’s LipLast, you’re missing out on the best long-lasting lip color of your life! Choose your favorite shade (or 3!) and get that long-lasting lip color you need to get you through your busy days, because even on the craziest days you deserve to feel beautiful!

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