Beauty Talks Lip Subscription


We started Shine because we care about the way you feel about you. Words are powerful. In fact, the most powerful voice you listen to everyday is your own. Feeling you are beautiful begins with believing you are beautiful. And believing you are beautiful begins with your thoughts, the words you tell yourself all day, every day.

Introducing, Beauty Talks, a new Lip Subscription Club by Shine Cosmetics. 

For under $15 a month, you will receive one of our popular lip products* (at a steep discount) along with an Affirmation Card, (a little beauty pep talk) we encourage you to place the card somewhere you will see it often, and then each time you apply your new lip product, talk to yourself! Yep, we said it. Talk to yourself. Repeat this month's affirmation or one of your own, or even simply the name of the product. Words like Bold, Precious, Reliable, Beloved, each one of them meant to remind you just how beautiful you are. 

Beauty Talk Lip Subscriptions are convenient, flexible and like a Beauty Pep Talk arriving in your mailbox once a month. You can edit, pause or cancel at anytime.

Subscribers will also enjoy exclusive discounts on other popular products, exclusive early access to new lip products, and certain events, promotions and more.
We can't wait to remind you that you are beautiful, and to tell yourself that, every month with a fun surprise in the mail. Let's talk about beautiful things (YOU) together. 

Beauty Talk Lip Subscriptions** will process on the first of every month, please allow 3-5 business days for shipping. Subscription orders must be placed by the 28th of the month to ship on the 1st. Orders placed after the 28th will ship in the following month.

*Lip product of the month will be determined by Shine Cosmetics, and may be selected from our Lip Gloss, LipLast, LipVelvet, and Lip Liner product lines, including current and new, yet to be released shades. Beauty Talk Subscription products are not available for exchange or return.

** Beauty Talks Subscriptions are available in the United States only.